Thursday, January 22, 2009


Up until now I have been editing my pictures with a program called Picasa. Don't get me wrong, its great, and free! (just google it and you can download it), but I started to feel like my pictures were missing something, and that I couldn't get the color just right. Well my friends, that is about to change. I was talking to a friend who suggested I start with Adobe Lightroom...its easy to work with and is relatively cheap (which, being a 3rd year nursing student is always a perk). I LOVE IT! I haven't had a ton of time to work with it and I still have alot of learning to do, but here's some old pictures that I've played around with:


Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

You're a talented woman Amy. I know I've told you that before, but lately?? You're awesome. Take pictures of me. and my kids. and my husband. I'm sure you can make us look real good!

Avrey &Cody Hendrix said...

amy! oh my. look at you. you are so talented at what you do. who and how did you learn from? i love it! ps. how are you?