Monday, January 11, 2010

FREE Session!

Well its a new year, and I'm getting right back into the swing of things, starting with a FREE session giveaway! Up for grabs is a free session of your choice - family, maternity, newborn, grad, engagement, bridal, just for fun...pretty much anything! (excludes weddings) Here's how it works:

For each of the following, your name will be entered once into the draw:
- Become a follower of Amy Erickson Photography's blog
- Leave a comment on this post telling why you would like to win
- Become a fan of Amy Erickson Photography on facebook
- Post a link to Amy Erickson Photography on your blog
- Refer Amy Erickson Photography to a friend (to refer a friend have them send an email to and tell me who they were referred by)

Keep track of your entries and send an email to with the subject heading "Session Giveaway" by midnight on January 31, 2010 for your chance to win!


Melissa said...

So I was shocked to discover I wasnt a follower on your blog. I seriously thought I was. Dont worry. I remedied that. But pick me? I'm a good time at a photo shoot? Actually I can neither confirm nor deny that statement. I might be awkward. Yikes.

Melissa said...

Also... followed, comment, fan, link. Yup. I stalk you hard.

Sarah C said...
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Sarah C said...

Ok, here's my comment about why I want to win! Wanna know? Cause it is DANG HARD to take your own family photos with a self timer... that and you take some dang cute stuff! Seriously, I would love some good ones of the family where my kids are actually looking in the right direction :)

Sarah C said...

Ok, so for the "extras"

1. I am a follower of your blog
2. I am a FAN on facebook
3. I blogged about it (
4. I emailed someone, so hopefully they will email you and tell you that I did!

Oh, and I just reailzed I was supposed to do this in an email... well I will do that too, just incase :)

Christal said...

AMY I want to win because I love having pictures of my family and kids to cherish forever! I want to win because memories r everything! And you are awesome to that should count for everything right ha ha!!

I'm a follower
I'm a facebook fan
comment and can't remember what else I was supposed to do !
Hope your doing great ttys

Randy said...

Laura and I would love it if you took our engagement photos!! You've already done some great work with Laura, and therefore a good repore has already been established.
What's more, we know a couple that will be getting married around, oh, about May 29th, that we could refer you to...
... So please consider us!

Rebecca said...

Dear Amy,
I am now following your blog, posting a link from my blog to yours, and I'm pretty sure I'm the "original Fan of Amy Erickson Photography." And that, my friend, is why I deserve to win. It all started 3 years ago at the Ledge, two people in love and a roommate with sweet skills, whoes skills have only gotten sweeter! I need those skills to be put to use on gettin some family pictures taken.

Nilsson Family said...

Well since you already did some family pictures for me, which by the way I love! they turned out awesome. I would love to get some fun ones of me and Hendrix to send to Kole.

Alana said...

I follow your blog, fan on facebook and my comment is that I have two little boys that change so often and would love to get 6 month pics of my youngest and 3 year old birthday pics of my oldest

carley_flexhaug said...

Ooh I hope I win!! I would love to have a photo shoot because my husband is a student and we can't afford a good photographer and I would love some pics of my baby boy, my hubby and me! We desperately need some good family photos! And as I'm sure you know, you're a dang good photographer so of course I would love you to take our photos. So that's my comment. I also:
1)I am a follower of your blog
2) I posted a link for you on facebook
3) I am a fan on facebook
4)I emailed my sister April and told her to do all this as well so she is my referral as long as she emails you back I guess.
If I had a blog I would blog about it... but alas I do not have one.
Oh and my email address is