Sunday, September 25, 2011

Papa Squat

as he is affectionately known. I have recently started taking a photography class from the wonderful Brooke Snow (if you haven't checked out her work, you need to!) and this is my first project! The class is titled Lifestyle Photography: Telling the Story and our project this week was to document a character and capture them in some sort of conflict. Here's what I came up with!
Challenges - 1) Shooting in low light. I love natural light but wanted to capture the environment of my dad's "office". One day I will master situations like these. 2) Narrowing down the photos to really tell the story best and capture the conflict of tying the masterpiece fly.
Discoveries - Confession: I rarely shoot ENTIRELY on manual. Aperture priority is my go-to. Not today. I decided through this course I am going to always do everything manually so I can get really comfortable with nailing my exposure. I think it worked well? I also thought that I really loved the shots I was getting from right in front of my dad, but once I tried some different angles, I found I liked the different perspectives better.

Loving the class already Brooke!


Leah said...

aw I'm so excited to see more! Love these!

Ginger said...

Your photos tell the story without words...I love that! I do love the different perspectives and believe you achieved great exposure on manual. I also was an Aperture Priority user, but have been shooting manual for about a year.

Lia Lotito said...

I love your use of light here... it helped us to get into his environment! The last one (conflict) is my favorite!
BTW, your exposure is great... keep doing in manual!

Little Feet said...

Yea for manual! Great detailed shots - but I am going with Lia, the last one is my favorite too!

Tina Wilde said...

Love these pics...and Scott is the sweets!

Just Rhonda said...

ooh i didn't know you were doing this class with Brooke! Love these images!!!