Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week 4

Last one?! Crazy how time flies. This week part 1 of my assignment was to work on thematic and conceptual shooting. There is so much fun to be had with this assignment! I was in Edmonton and did a shoot of my cousin's family, so I decided to use the theme of family togetherness. I'm only allowed to post ONE photo, so here it is!

I'm only going to say one thing to critique myself...I think this image would more strongly portray family togetherness if I had changed my angle just slightly to see more of Erin's face. That is all.
Part 2 was SO HARD for me! I had to get in my own pictures! I'll admit, I figured the self timer would be my best bet. Ha! You should see what I came up with. They're awkward. So awkward that I refuse to let anyone see them. So I chose a different route. Since this is a lifestyle class, I chose to post a photo that I AM in, doing something that I love to do:
Yes, those are my hands. Since attempting this part of the assignment, I've come to a decision. I'm constantly giving my mom a hard time because she ALWAYS wants me to be the family photographer, which I don't mind doing, except the fact that I never have pictures of myself! Well my friends, this week I am teaching my mom to use my camera. And then...(drumroll please...) she's going to take pictures of me. And more than just one! I'm pretty excited about the whole situation really.

Challenges from this week? Again...shooting a baby. They just move so fast! And the whole self-portrait thing. It's going to take some work. I think I'll give it another shot during the makeup week.
Questions? What is the best way to focus when using a self timer? That was my biggest struggle.


The Dudleys said...

Looks good ames! Thanks again! I am excited to see these sweet pictures Susie takes!

Darren D said...

Amy...love you pics and blog! Try auto focus with a stand-in or something you can place there...then carefully switch to manual focus, and it should stay focused. Or focus on something at a similar distance (if no stand-in), then close down to F5.6 or F8, and you will have enough depth of field to keep you in focus...switch to manual focus and it should be fine...only issue is you may have more depth of focus that you want. You should call marcie and chat...she would likely have some good ideas...Uncle Darren